We have once again come a long way here at Brockfish! Not only can you find a custom stand up paddle board that is great to use anywhere, but these boards have also been made to withstand the Arizona elements. Flat water lakes and rivers are meant to glide and glide fast. Surfboards are meant to surf. The Brockfish Paddle Board Glidiator Series are designed to go fast and cover a great distance of water in a short period of time. Why push water when you can “GLIDE” on water.

Arizona is tough and so is a Brockfish. Hand crafted and custom shapes range from Lake to Race to SURF with Hybrids in between. Each board is computer shaped and hand glassed from EPS Foam, USA Fiber Glass, and Resin Research Epoxy. Structural strength is incorporated in it’s unique rail geometry design keeping these boards light, durable, strong, and fast on the water. Every board is a 100% USA Made with it’s own personality. Give us a call at 602~920~0999 today to have one built for you.